Board of Governors

2018-2019 Officers and Board of Governors

The Fiesta officers work together with the staff to plan events, set policy, and oversee the day to day operations. The Board of Governors is the backbone of the Fiesta organization, and its members are the driving force behind each event and festival.

2018-2019 Officers

Buck Mitchell President
Rocky Parra President-Elect
Tracy Hart Vice-President, Court Activities
Gary Sluder Vice-President, Weekends
Larry Anderson Vice-President, Events
Dax Gill Vice-President, Volunteer Development
Lisa Combs Vice-President, Junior Forces
Collier Merrill Vice-President, Community Affairs
Jeff Phillips Vice- President, Marketing & Sponsorships
Bill Mitchem Secretary
Monica Sherman Treasurer
Shelby Daniels Chairman of the Board

2018-2019 Board Of Governors

Heather Boatwright Larry Anderson Drew Adams Alicia Christy
Miller Caldwell, III Scott Barrow Cathy Allebach Claire Errington
Lisa Combs Chad Bonner Amanda Barr Steve Hayes
Shelby Daniels Carter Brown Scott Calvert Dave Hoxeng
Mike Denkler Robert Dees Owen Drey John Isbell
John Endacott Peter Dyson Chris Heaney Lumon May
Joan Fitzsimmons Kathy Errington Brooke Henderson Tom Owens
Peter Frano Nikki Fuqua Denis McKinnon Lisa Reese
John Geri Benny Gaines Chris Middleton Grover Robinson, IV
Dax Gill Robert Hahn Buck Mitchell Margo Stringfield
Lisa Greskovich Traci Hart Jill Robinson Allen Strum
Mary Catherine Harper Cam Johnson Chris Roney Greg Woodfin
Kelley Harris Kim LeDuff Andy Trammell P.C. Wu
Mary Hoxeng Ted Mansfield Bruce Vredenburg  
Wes Hudgens Melanie McConnell Foster Ware  
Brad Huggins Collier Merrill Scott Warren  
Mark Leidner Bill Mitchem Laurel Woodfin  
Linda Merting Brian Morris    
Mike Miragliotta Rocky Parra    
Larry Morris Wes Payne    
Ric Nickelsen Monica Sherman    
Jeff Phillips Gary Sluder    
Howard Reddy Johnnie Wright    
Robin Reshard      
Carol Rosenblatt      
Cali Scully      
Caroline Trantham