Fiesta Treasure Hunt

Monday, April 9, 2018 to Friday, April 20, 2018

For 69 years, the Fiesta of Five Flags Association has engaged the public with a series of historical clues that have led to the location of Don Tristan DeLuna’s lost treasure.  This year, treasure hunters will have the opportunity to decipher ten daily clues that will lead them to ten daily prizes totaling nearly $5,000.  In addition to having the opportunity to win daily prizes, there will be an eleventh prize known as the “Grand Prize”.  Those who answer all ten daily clues correctly will have their name go into a final drawing for the “Grand Prize” that will be announced at the Pensacola Crawfish Festival on Saturday, May 5th

Thank you to our Fiesta Treasure Hunt Sponsors: WEAR, West Florida Medical Group, Jewelers Trade Shop and KIA Autosport!

To play, you must visit WEAR TV’s contest webpage daily between April 9-13 and April 16-20. Here, the daily clues will be posted along with a digital link that will lead you to the answer.

To play, visit the Fiesta Treasure Hunt homepage by clicking HERE.  

Fiesta Treasure Hunt Official Rules HERE

Thank you to all that participated in 2017, we can't wait to find out the 2018 winners!

Clue #1 Winner:             ANSWER

Clue #2 Winner:              ANSWER

Clue #3 Winner:               ANSWER

Clue #4 Winner:             ANSWER

Clue #5 Winner:             ANSWER

Clue #6 Winner:           ANSWER:

Clue #7 Winner:               ANSWER:

Clue #8 Winner:              ANSWER: 

Clue #9 Winner:             ANSWER

Clue #10 Winner:            ANSWER